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    19 == Changes to the core translation functionality ==
    20 The standard web2py function should be extended to support an optional comment, ideally this would be done with the call to T() but an alternative solution may be acceptable. Note what we don't want to have to do unless absolutely necessary (and even then we don't want to do it) is to have to change either the name of the function or the required parameters, because that would require numerous changes within the existing code base. So the comment ''could'' be an optional parameter but the function must use reflection techniques to work out it's own location.
    22 When an instance of Sahana-Eden is deployed it may require translation, if this is during an emergency there may not be a lot of time and so only a select subset of strings need to be translated. This subset might be the front facing part of the deployment or it may include just the modules that have been deployed. However, when the files for translation are created there is no link back to the code and so it is difficult to know where the string came from. What is required is for the function to extract the location of the string this can then be used to determine which module the string belongs to. This functionality may have several iterations but with the final goal of being able to download strings for translation that belong to various modules, this might involve a UI that allows the translation administrator to select which modules (or parts) of the system they want to translate.
    2421== Round-trip translation UI ==