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    3333== Priority ==
    3434This is purely indicative and may change
    35  * Being able to extract details concerning where a string is located within the code base
    36  * Automate the translation round-trip (initial focus on the spreadsheet approach rather than pootle)
    37  * Build a GUI front end to present the translation status
    38    * Extract for a module or set of modules (ideally this will be generated without having to page through Eden web pages)
    39    * Report on the translation status (percentage translated per module)
    40    * Display and edit translation strings (optional but can be useful if translators have questions about a particular string and probably design here but implement later)
    41    * Identify roles (translation manager, translator...)
    42  * Allow comments to be added to the T() function and let translators indicate when comments would be useful. ''Possibly consider adding these dynamically to the code base''
    43  * Validate the translations and original strings for fitness (this will require some investigation on what this could entail one idea would be to ensure that %s variable substitutions are properly labeled.
    44  * more to come...
     35   * Able to retrieve strings from currently active modules.
     36   * Excluding Deprecated Strings.
     37   * Conflict in strings due to pull requests.
     38   * Including Prepop Csv files
     39   * Pootle Integration
     40   * Avoiding system calls in Translate Toolkit.
    4641== Outputs ==
    4742Community bonding period