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    1111== Round-trip translation UI ==
     12The journey from a untranslated string to a translated one can involve several different tools and can take different paths. The idea here is to integrate these tools (so this is not ''really'' about replacing them) into a single portal. One such route is as follows:
     13 * Extract the strings from Eden
     14 * build a spreadsheet that can be given to the translators
     15 * convert the spreadsheet back to a *.py language file
     16 * add back into Eden trunk
     17Then the code changes and a string needs to be modified. At this point the person managing the translation doesn't specifically know that a string is no longer required and so redundant strings hang around in the translated files (and some that may not yet have been translated which have since been superseded are still awaiting translation)
     19A second, and different, approach to translating the string it to use the Pootle tool, the integration of this would be nice but the key area is to be able to identify the strings for translation.
     21Once the strings for translation have been identified then the UI needs to provide a seamless mechanism to integrate them back into Sahana-Eden.
    1222== Technical help ==
     23For the translation process see the chapter in the book on [ Localisation]
    1324For the translation code see web2py gluon/ file