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    493493This part of the code is almost reusable.
    495 == '''WORKFLOW AND SUMMARY''' ==
    496 please vist ( for this
     495== '''WEB SETUP NEW ARCHITECTURE''' ==
     498<img src="">
     501== '''Workflow And Summary''' ==
     502=== There are 2 methods to acivate the WebSetup : ===
     504  * Going directly to the web setup this will call the selector for the path of the correct Eden .
     505  This is extremely important in the case there are more than one Eden . For this database conflicts needs to be resolved and also the
     507  * Either clicking on the Setup on the index page of Eden .In this case selection is not needed as the session variable
     508  will be set from the URL post
     510=== After this, the file containing the dict of settings and modules in the Eden are copied in The modules of the Web setup and made to run. ===
     511  * if this is not possible i.e. the file containing the dict is not there then the s3cfg is copied and made to run so that the file containing
     512  the dict is made
     513  * please visit ( for further details
     515=== After this the 000_config is parsed to modified_config and made to run ===
     516  * This will initialize the default values of the dict and postulate the correct syntax of 000_config
     517  * please visit ( for the Algo
     519=== Then  we will generate a login page using the index ===
     520  * This will contact the database of the correct Eden to make the admin login if the the setup has been run once (this can be easily idebtified by the 000_config)
     521  * No login page if there is setup is run for the first time
     523=== The forms for each setting is displayed ===
     524  * these forms are generated using index
     525  * there results are postulated using request.post_vars
     526  * please visit ( for exact forms
     528=== The dict extracted from 000_config is writen to 000_config with the correct values ===
     529  * This process is done in write_out ()
     530  * Please visit ( for the algo
     532=== In the process I am also generating a method for creating new Eden without Netowrk Access ===
     536== '''WEB SETUP OLD ARCHITECTURE''' ==