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    532532=== In the process I am also generating a method for creating new Eden without Netowrk Access ===
     537===  Getting the dictionary for the settings and the module name and status ===
     539§  We can change s3cnfg in such that the values of the dict are set just before the respective function of the key. This dict will mainly store the following things about the settings
     540               Category, Field ids, Description, Nice name, Jquery Validation, Input type, Options etc
     541               (These things will be required by the index function of the web setup)
     542§  We will also copy this file in the models so that we can run this file and thus defining our dict.
     544§  The copying script (which copies the s3cnfg) should be kept in the controllers do that the next time the models are run the file with the dict also runs.
     546§  Creating this dict in s3cnfg will help to maintain the settings dict in case the settings are increased or changed
     550===  Getting the default values of the settings and the default status of the Modules  ===
     552§  We shall parse the 000_config file so that it contains a dict of all the default values  of settings and the values of the module.
     554§  The parsing script should be kept in the controllers. The parsed file is transferred to the models, so that when the next time the models, run the file with the dict also runs.
     558===  Forms  ===
     560Once we have the dict of settings and modules and also there default values and status respectively we can directly go the main index function of the controllers that create forms.
     561The data copied from the s3confg file will be extremely useful for this stage.
     562I have also uploaded some ui mokups at (
     564===  Writing changes back in the Eden ===
     566We can use os.path to write the changes back into the 000_config. For this we shall use the modified dict (after he has changed what he wanted). The modilfed 000_config we be like the in the same format as the old one.