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    2121  * Further Actions (Barricade, Assessment (Geotechnical/Structural))
    2222  * Estimated Damage (%)
     23   * DONE (FPB)
    2425* (1/immediate) Normalise Inspector Name/Mobile - would be good to have a picker for Inspector Name+Mobile in the form entry to ensure we minimise dupes of their assessments.
    4243* (2/week) Map Thousands of Points - Within a few days we are likely to have a thousand of assessment points. I'm not sure if the current map renderer is capable of scaling to rendering thousands of points in a browser (I know this has been an issue with some mapping libraries in the past). One approach I've seen in the past is to use a Flash map viewer that can happily scale to render thousands of points. We will probably get to a thousand assessments in 2-3 days (we start in about 12 hours time) and it is very important that we can scale to efficiently render thousands of points.
     44 * Shouldn't be an issue as we have the Cluster Strategy enabled (FPB)
    4446* (2/days) Print Assessment Forms - It would be good to be able to generate forms from the application. Ideally, it would be possible to have addresses (and if we had them prupi's/gisratingid's) preprinted on forms. This would be nice to have, but is lower priority that a number of the above capabilities. For a bonus gold star, being able to draw a polygon, and have forms printed out for all entries in the polygon would be wickedly useful. We often assign assessments by block.