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    3030* (1/immediate) Turk Geocoding of Addresses - initially no lat/long will be provided of the building assessed. It would be great to have a simple form interface that serves up an address+building name from the database, and allows a (remote) user to use Google Maps to search the address and add latitude/longitude to the address to enable mapping. This can be done without providing access to any data other than the name of the building and the address. Note that this ideally needs to be a manual process as quite a few addresses will be ambiguous, and we may require some people with local knowledge to properly geocode them. This is essential to have immediate mapping of assessments - following SEP 4 it took 4-5 days to map, it will be a big win if we can do this near instantaneously (e.g. as soon as someone geocodes a submitted address).
    3131 * Basic interface DONE (FPB):
    32   * Need clarity on ACL
     32  * Need clarity on ACL (see Clarifications below)
     33  * Could use some online help on the page
    3435* (1/immediate) Map Geocoded Addresses - it is critical that we able able to map all geocoded assessments basically as they are entered. The real value in this system will be in the near realtime mapping (assessment will show on map once triage form entered and geocoded).
    4546  * 'prupi' - this is a reference to the property in the council system
    4647  * 'gisratingid' - this is a reference to a polygon of the rating unit
    47    * Status: Fields added (FPB). No Task-Turking interface yet
     48   * Status: Fields added to/modified in Location (FPB). Task-Turking interface not complete yet
    4950* (2/week) Map Thousands of Points - Within a few days we are likely to have a thousand of assessment points. I'm not sure if the current map renderer is capable of scaling to rendering thousands of points in a browser (I know this has been an issue with some mapping libraries in the past). One approach I've seen in the past is to use a Flash map viewer that can happily scale to render thousands of points. We will probably get to a thousand assessments in 2-3 days (we start in about 12 hours time) and it is very important that we can scale to efficiently render thousands of points.
    5253* (2/days) Print Assessment Forms - It would be good to be able to generate forms from the application. Ideally, it would be possible to have addresses (and if we had them prupi's/gisratingid's) preprinted on forms. This would be nice to have, but is lower priority that a number of the above capabilities. For a bonus gold star, being able to draw a polygon, and have forms printed out for all entries in the polygon would be wickedly useful. We often assign assessments by block.
     54 * Status: Form is printable in a near OCR-compliant way, although currently these forms won't be OCRable (fix by Monday? Fix will only work with new forms, not ones printed today)
    5456== Considerations ==