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    1616  * TODO
     18* (1/immediate) Generate Unique ID - Forms won't come with a unique ID, and it will be essential when triaging the form, form the system to generate a unique ID that can be written on the form, so that when the form is entered in full, or perhaps scanned versions uploaded, that we can link back to the correct initial assessment.
    1820* (1/immediate) Turk Geocoding of Addresses - initially no lat/long will be provided of the building assessed. It would be great to have a simple form interface that serves up an address from the database, and allows a (remote) user to use Google Maps to search the address and add latitude/longitude to the address to enable mapping. This can be done without providing access to any data other than the name of the building and the address. Note that this ideally needs to be a manual process as quite a few addresses will be ambiguous, and we may require some people with local knowledge to properly geocode them. This is essential to have immediate mapping of assessments - following SEP 4 it took 4-5 days to map, it will be a big win if we can do this near instantaneously (e.g. as soon as someone geocodes a submitted address).