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    5 == Use-Cases ==
    6 ||=Actor                     =||=       Use-case   ||=         Description       =||
    7 ||CAP profile implementer     || Implement CAP profile || CAP Profile defines a class of CAP alerts which may provide a structure to the CAP alert and speed up the creation of CAP Alerts and templates, for example a Profile may specify a region, a set of languages and generic templates in each language. This can be used during CAP alert creation for centering the map for example and for fast creation of alert messages ||
    8 ||CAP template implementer || Implements CAP templates || CAP templates are Abstract CAP alerts with blanks that need to can be filled really fast in case of an imminent disaster to produce a CAP alert, for example a Tsunami CAP template might be of help in a coastal area, hence an implementer will create the same ||
    9 ||CAP message editor       || Send a CAP alert || a message editor can pick a CAP template and fill the blanks in it to send out a CAP alert (user story in description) ||
    10 ||CAP alert subscriber     || Subscribes to CAP Alerts || when a CAP alert is created and the subscriber is in the audience, a notification will be issued via modes prescribed by the subscriber ||
    115== Design ==
    126* The Models: The table definitions go are in modules/s3db/ Place some functions which will help in the creation, sending and receiving of CAP XML files in s3msg module where it might best fit.