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    3636This section of the module will primarily focus on the Bobby Chain Tech Building. The Bobby Chain Tech Building is located at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The goal for this section is to provide information about the building in the likelihood that the area is under a state of a natural disaster (such as a hurricane or a flood). The building is to be used to provide shelter for those in immediate danger and before the event of a natural disaster, we are to inform as many people as possible through multiple means of media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Eagle Alert, etc.).
     38=== Description: ===
     40- The mock-up website is used to provide information to those who are unfamiliar with the Bobby Chain Tech Building
     41- Along with information, a floor-plan is used to provide details of available rooming inside said building
     42- The mock-up website is used to provide alerts about the outside condition in the likelihood a disaster should happen
     43- In the occurrence that the Bobby Chain Tech Building is not sufficient enough for rooming, the website would provide any other locations better suited for shelter.
     44- The University of Southern Mississippi provides a service that alerts students of any potential threats in the immediate area. For non-students, a Twitter page along with
     45  a Facebook page will be provided for alerts.