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This page hosts the detailed specification for the Blueprint for Bzr Hooks for Committers.

It is for working on tools to enhance the process for committers to Trunk: DeveloperGuidelinesBzr

Problem Statement

We use the database to store key reference data which should be available to any new instance. We also use the database to create test data which shouldn't be present for new instances.

We need a tool to populate the database with reference data.
This is like & mysql-config.sql for S2:

            description='Mapping & Geospatial Analysis',

We need a tool to empty the databases (& reset IDs).
The development database is sqlite:

sqlite3 storage.db ???? ?

These tools should be triggered via a Bzr start-commit-hook.

An alternative /could/ be to make reference data use a Storage() instance like T2.messages:

def _define_messages(self):        
    self.messages.record_created="Record Created"

However then local admins wouldn't be able to use appadmin to make local customisations.
(This /could/ be a good thing?)

Reference Data

module, x_menu_option, gis_config, gis_projection, gis_marker

Other Hooks

Publish commits to #Sahana IRC channel


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