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    22= RHoK 2011 =
    3 At RHoK 2010, Sahana programmers first worked with the Chicago Community Emergency Response Team to create a volunteer tracking system suitable for local, volunteer emergency response teams like CERTs. There are more than 1800+ CERTs, many of which lack the resources or time to implement commercial tracking software.
     3Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) are local groups of trained volunteers who respond when a crisis situation overwhelms established emergency response resources. There are more than 1800 CERTs, most of which don't have the money or time to implement a commercial tracking and deployment system. As with most volunteer response efforts, resource coordination is one of the primary bottlenecks to effective response.
     5At last year's RHoK event, members of Chicago's Community Emergency Response Team formed a collaboration with the Sahana Foundation to create a community scale volunteer and deployment tracking module for the Sahana-Eden platform.  This straight-forward, intuitive module will allow community-level response teams to train, track and deploy accurately and efficiently.  It will allow us to quickly identify volunteers with the necessary skills (medical, search and rescue, etc) for an emergency response, improving the outcomes for the communities we serve.
     7Chicago CERT and Sahana development have created a set of tasks for RHoK 2011 that will allow this project to move from proof-of-concept to implementation with Chicago CERT.
     9Sahana supports Rapid Application Development and has a worldwide network of generous, knowledgeable developers.  An excellent introduction to developing for the Sahana platform is available here.  If you know Python, JavaScript or CSS design, please consider joining the collaboration!
    513The notes from RHoK 2010 are in [wiki:BluePrintCERT].  The relevant portions for our goals this year are copied into the notes below.  It is important to understand that many CERT member and administrators are not strongly technical and are intimidated by the power and complexity of the existing platform.