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    1414The opportunity to have a world class system like Sahana-Eden, customized for CERTs, just for the cost of maintaining the instance is a wonderful thing.  After evaluation of our beta implementation with City of Chicago, the Sahana-CERT branch will be available for use by every CERT in the country.  This could improve the emergency response outcomes of hundreds of communities struck by local and large scale disasters.
    16 Our next big push, which we hope to complete over this years Summer Of Code, includes the following:
     16Our next big push of new functionality, which we hope to complete over this years Summer Of Code, includes the following:
     17* Inbound SMS parsing for deployment responses
     18* Generate a list of responding volunteers
     19* Installer for CERT coordinators to deploy an instance with minimal technical knowledge
     20* Update UI for all pages to be as streamlined and intuitive as the front screen.
     21* Secure web-based volunteer information updates by the volunteer.
     22* (potential) Mobile checkin / checkout of volunteers onsite
    1924Sahana supports Rapid Application Development and has a worldwide network of generous, knowledgeable developers. This event is an excellent introduction to developing for the Sahana platform. If you know Python, JavaScript or CSS design, please consider joining the collaboration!
     26You are welcome to connect with the Sahana-Eden team on [ IRC] #sahana-eden.
     28Members working on the CERT branch include:
     29    Fran Boon (IRC: flavour, skype: franboon) physically in Oxford, UK
     30    Dominic Konig (IRC: nursix, skype: nursix) physically in [56.941681N,15.912713E], Sweden
     31    Pat Tressel (IRC: ptressel) physically in Portland, OR
     32    Laura Lanford (IRC: llanford) physically in Chicago, IL
     33    Benjamin Rapoport (IRC: BenjaminCCC) physically in Culver City, CA