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    1 = Disaster Victim Identification =
     2= !BluePrint: Disaster Victim Identification =
    3   - Part of [wiki:BluePrintPersonFinder Person Finder Application]
     4== Introduction ==
    5 Application to support the management of the recovery of dead bodies and the identification of the deceased.
     6The DVI application can be used to track the recovery and identification of dead bodies.
     8DVI is an additional application within the Person Finder application group, and is closely related to the tracking of missing persons, where the Person Finder application captures ante-mortem information, the DVI application collects post-mortem data and assists the matching of both data sets.
     10== Description ==
     12Dead bodies will be recovered from the scene and taken to a collection point or morgue, where some standard procedures are performed to capture post-mortem information for clearing the cause of death and establishing the identity of the deceased.
     14At the same time, detailed ante-mortem data will be gathered for person who have been reported missing (usually in interviews with relatives), in order to match them with post-mortem reports.
     16If a possible match is found, the case will be completed by additional cross-checks to eventually establish the identification of the deceased (or to it out).
     18== Requirements ==
     20  - ''tbd''
     22== Use-Cases ==
     24The DVI application covers the following workflows/use-cases:
     25  - Recovery of dead bodies from the scene to a morgue or similar place for storage
     26  - Tracking the location of a body
     27  - Tracking the status of death investigation and identification
     28  - Capture of post-mortem information of each body
     29  - Matching of dead bodies with missing person reports
     30  - Identification of dead bodies
     32== Design ==
     34  - ''tbd''
     36== Implementation ==
     38  - Implemented in Sahana-Eden trunk
     39  - see also: [wiki:BluePrintPersonFinder Person Finder Application]