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    5757* Provide a way for a sysadmin who has updated their copy of Eden to run the set of conversions from their previous revision to the new revision.
     60Fran's comments:
     62I don't understand where the proposed UI fits.
     64It's a plugin for Jenkins? Which developers use Jenkins? How do they know to go there & do it? How do we manage multiple different commits merged together from different users which each need the individual developer to go back & prepare their migration scripts? Since I am the one currently doing the merging/testing then this seems like it would all be pushed as an extra task for me to manage which isn't scalable. I'm also not sure how necessary a UI is anyway - this is proposed to be used by developers who are not scared of editing text files.
     66I would prefer a bzr hook which can be installed by every developer so that they get notified of the schema changes locally in their branches *before* they submit merge proposals to trunk. After the basic notification we could get a template migration script written out which can be adjusted easily by the developer.
     68This script should include comments to help the developer know how to do the field matching.
     70We then need a global migration script system to read the migration scripts between releases & apply those that are necessary.
     72This will need fixing up to show the Trunk revisions rather than the revisions within the developer branches...another bzr hook /might/ help automate some of this, but I suspect another manual task, but easier to manage than the Jenkins approach.
     74The application of the migration script will need care as individual instances can customise their code - I think we'd want a system which notified the admin that migration script(s) are available, allow them to review the changes & approve/deny each of them as appropriate.
     76If we're talking about a UI, then this would be a higher-priority candidate, however I'd be happy to see this as pure CLI for now as that's where the 'bzr pull' will be done from.
     78A later enhancement would eb to warp this all up into a web-baed interface for handling updates - maybe GSoC 2012...
    5980=== Existing Tools ===
    6081We use dbstruct to handle some types of migration: