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    4141 Item :: an item is a solution offered to a problem (List).  Users need to be able to add an Item to the List in Phase I.
    43 = User Stories =
     43= Groups and User Roles =
     45Groups need to be able to select the group members and/or accept membership requests.  It needs to be such that the monitor can accept or reject individuals for participation if a participant requests to join, but each group needs to have a designated set of individuals that are working on a single problem area. 
     471.      Guest –guests will be able to view the Active Problems List, Scale, and Item List. [[BR]]
     482.      Guest - will NOT be able to vote.  [[BR]]
     493.      Guest - can NOT view or contribute to the Discussion Forum. [[BR]]
     504.      Contributors – Contributors inherit the permissions of the Guest. [[BR]]
     515.      Contributors – can see and post/reply in the Discussion Forum.[[BR]]
     526.      Contributors – can add items to the Item List.[[BR]]
     537.      Contributors – can NOT vote.[[BR]]
     548.      Participant – inherits both the Guest and Contributor privileges.  However, the Participant can Vote.[[BR]]
     559.      Moderator – A moderator inherits all available permissions.[[BR]]
     5610.     Moderator – can create a new problem[[BR]]
     5711.     Moderator – can edit or delete any item as an option.[[BR]]
     5812.     Moderator - can set up groups by allowing or inviting individuals to the group.[[BR]]
     5913.     Moderator – can email all participants. [[BR]]
     6014.     Moderator – can designate members in a group able to review and accept another person who wishes to join the group.[[BR]]
     6115.     Any member of the system in any role can be an observer in a given group and request a participant or contributor role.[[BR]]
     63Screenshots of this are to follow.  This will be based on a simple GUI - possibly something like Facebook and how it creates group/fan pages.
    4765= Delphi Decision Maker Version 2.0 Hypothesized Flowchart =