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In order to better understand how the users are using the system and which tools are being used how, a history of the transactions needs to be recorded.

Transaction Log

For further studies, it was determined that a list of a variety of transactions needed to be gathered and maintained. This will help researchers determine which tools or actions trigger other tool usage or actions. A transaction log will help support the ability to study how the system is used, by which users and why. This can help determine if new items are created when disagreement is high and other relationships between the available toolset. Each ‘Active Problem’ will need its own transaction log that only records the actions that are between the members of that particular group. Particular information needs to be recorded:

  • When someone votes - for each item - (not a change in vote but just if it's voted on initially)
  • When someone changes a vote (for Each item available)
  • When someone posts or replies to a discussion
  • When someone adds an item in the Options List
  • When someone views the Scale
  • When someone views the Option List
  • And time-date for each user

o Initial vote on an item
o Change in vote
o Post/Reply
o Add item
o View item list and range or item number

All integer fields need to have sorting ability so that analysis is easier and more structured for a more accurate analysis. It should also be available in a format such that it can easily be imported into statistical software and spreadsheet programs, i.e. a simple table. To maintain anonymity of personal data, each instance can be identified by a primary key.

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