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Data De-duplication

We often get duplicate data in a system, especially if we do Bulk Imports.

A basic Locations de-duplicator is now in Trunk.

de-duping locations really should involve significant use of maps for context of the two point being checked, perhaps fields showing great-circle distance from each other, and if we have hierarchy polygons available, then performing spatial analysis to see if it is the same town in the same region or two towns that share the same name, but are in different regions? Whereas peoples names may use Soundex, addresses, phone number etc. Document deduping could use SHA1 checksum analysis of the file to detect dupes (e.g. there is a very low probability of two files sharing the same SHA1 hash) - which was why I raised it on IRC the other day, and think that an SHA1 hash should be calculated for a document or image file at time of upload


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