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    1 == Blueprint for Server-based Digital Signature Authentication ==
     1= !BluePrint:  Server-based Digital Signature Authentication =
    3 Definition on the [ Wikipedia]
     4== Introduction ==
     5<Briefly describe the solution?>
     6<What problem is this solution solving?>
     7<How will this solution add value to Sahana?>
     8<Name any similar existing solutions>
     10== Stakeholders ==
     11<Who will be the users of the solution?>
     12<Who else will be affected by this solution? eg. Developers, Users of Existing Functionality that may be changed?>
     13<How will stakeholders be affected?>
     14Tip: Engage these stakeholders in the development of your !BluePrint.
     16== User Stories ==
     18<A good User Story should answer the following questions:>
     19<* Who the user is>
     20<* What they want the solution to do for them?>
     21<* Why they want it to do that? (goal)>
     22<eg. A <type of user> wants the solution to <do something for them> so that <can achieve a goal>.>
     24== Requirements ==
     25<Group requirements in subsections, e.g.,, etc.>
     26< requirements>
     27<Identify different types of requirements:>
     28=== Functional ===
     29=== Non-functional ===
     31=== Interoperability ===
     32=== Standards ===
     33=== System Constraints ===
     35== Design ==
     36<Where relevant include alternative design options>
     37=== Data Model ===
     38(e.g. EER or class diagrams)
     39=== Workflows ===
     40<Diagrams or Pseudocode>
     41=== Site Map ===
     42<for User Interface solutions>
     43=== Wireframes ===
     44<for User Interface solutions>
     45=== Technologies ===
     47== Current Implementation ==
     48<Leave open for a list of existing implementation of this solution in Sahana Eden:>
     49<*a brief description of the implementation (date/time, name, design options chosen)>
     50<*a link to the code>
     51<*list of deployments of the implementation>
     52<*links to case studies>
     53<*short analysis of achievements/problems>
     55== Planned Implementation ==
     56<List of goals for your implementations which you (include your name/github repo/IRC handle) are currently working on>
     58== Future Extensions ==
     59<List of features which could be included, but are outside of the scope of this extension>
     61== Outstanding Questions ==
     62<Questions about the features or design that haven't been (and need to be) answered>
     64== References ==
     65<Links to external resources>