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Blue Print - Documet Module


The Document module will be used to manage:

  • Documents uploaded into Sahana
  • URLs containing the sourcce information which have been entere into Sahana
  • Images

It will contain tables of these resources so that:

  • They can be referenced from multiple records within Sahana, without having to repeat data entry
  • It will allow people to see what resources refer to each document (by using the rheader of the document resource to refer to these resources)
  • It will create a library of documents related to a disaster, rather than having these documents refered to from different resources throughout Sahana. eg. An assessment report might contain information on shelters and inventories.

Having documents reference is vital, as it allows data in Sahana to be verified against external sources. Not all of these references will be "documents", some may refer to phone conversations, interviews, etc. It may be wise to refer to this



This resource will allow user to find out the source of information which is entered into Sahana.


  • File
  • URL (If this is a link to a file, then this file could be automatically inported into Sahana to avoid broken links)
  • Date
  • Person
  • Location
  • Organisation
  • Comments
  • Entered - This field could be automatic set to True when data from the sourcce is entered into other Sahana resourse

This resource could also act as a way to manage what data needs to be entered into Sahana.



  • Name
  • Location
  • Metadata (see below)
  • Image



  • Location
  • Description
  • Contact
  • Source (text)
  • Sensitivity
  • Event Time
  • Expiry Time
  • URL

Currently this repeats a lot of the information in the Source and Image resources. Is this worth keeping in a separate resource? Or is this un-nessecary complexity?


Ideally we could see up feeds to automatically import data into sources from other sites.

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