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     1== Overview ==
     2This blueprint is based on the need to an application to allow the management or exercises (or simulations) for training purposes. This is an application that provides the management tools associated with preparing, delivering, and reviewing exercises.
     4 * Domain contributors: Gavin Treadgold
     6== Concepts ==
     7* Exercise Timeline - the fundamental tool of an exercise is a timeline. A timeline generally consists of 'messages' that record:
     8 * DateTime - the date and time the message is due to be communicated to the relevant exercise participants
     9 * From - who the message is 'from', usually it is from Exercise Control, or Exercise Control on behalf of one of the Exercise Participants
     11=== Users ===
     12These are the broad classes of users commonly associated with exercises.
     13* Exercise Control - a group of people that have full access to the tools to manage exercises. This group is responsible for the development and delivery of the exercise
     14* Exercise Facilitators/Coordinators - a second group that has read-only access to the exercise information, often a subset that is relevant only to the group that they are overseeing in the exercise.
     15* Exercise Participants -
     17=== Information ===
     18 * Participants Directory - the list of all exercise participants that is generally available to all of the exercise organisers
     21 * Integrated with Organisations/Roles/People
     22 * Supports self-registration of participants
     26== Capabilities ==
     27=== Development Capabilities ===
     30=== Delivery Capabilities ===
     33=== Review Capabilities ===
     34* Able to package the whole exercise details (organisations, participants, exercise timeline etc) up into a package, and transfer it to another machine