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     1= Exercise Management =
    14== Overview ==
    25This blueprint is based on the need to an application to allow the management or exercises (or simulations) for training purposes. This is an application that provides the management tools associated with preparing, delivering, and reviewing exercises. Some of these requirements have been based on requirements when Sahana Software Foundation products have been tendering for Emergency Management Information System tenders, others have been obtained from experience delivering exercises including up to Whole-of-Government level.
    3841=== Exercise Review ===
    3942* Able to play through a recorded 'exercise' and review messages
     44== Implementation Notes ==
     45I wonder if this should be build as an extension to the hrm_training_event & event_scenario modules
     47=== Static Pages ===
     48Can easily be done using the CMS module
     49=== Internal Messaging System ===
     50I guess the point about not using the real Email/SMS networks is that we don't wish to be dependent on these?
     52What I see here is simple Store & Forward, no need for real-time Chat.
     54I do have a concern about this distracting the user from the rest of the system if this functionality wouldn't be something used outside of simulations, so I'm wondering whether this should be built upon project/task so they see these messages from their 'My Tasks' view....we then build a notification box visibile in the user profile area (so every page) so see that there are unread tasks there (& ideally how many) which provides 1-click access to these.
     56== See Also ==
     57* [ Simulation generator propoject proposal for GSoC 2012]