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lxml fast parser

Blueprint for GIS Import/Export


We need to be able to Import & Export these XML formats to/from the Database:

  • GeoRSS (URL fetch/publish)
  • GPX (File upload/download)
  • KML (File upload/download & URL fetch/publish)
  • OSM (File upload/download)
  • GML (? Low priority, not used much in real world)

Other formats which may be useful are Shapefiles, PostGIS & JSON.

These should be representations added to the RESTlike controller.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we could consider wrapping FeatureServer to do a lot of this work for us (like Web2Py uses CherryPy) since it is WSGI-based.
Alternatively we could look to borrow code from it.

The XML conversion is probably best-done using an XSD parser:

KML export from Web2Py:

XML export from Web2Py:

Many options available for XML Import/Export, e.g.:

This is another option for Import (via Python structures):

XML links:

Geotagged Photos

We should also be able to import Geotagged Photos & have these display on the Map.

Feature Metadata already includes an Image - so the work needed is just in terms of reading the Lat/Lon from the Tag & providing a UI:

Most developed OSS tools are:

Python works-in-progress here:

GIS BluePrints

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