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Known Issues


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    6666We want to be able to optionally specify which levels of hierarchy we are interested in for this resource. This would be part of the API for location_id()
     68=== Known Issues ===
     69==== Duplication of location records ====
     70This happens when you for example create a new hospital record without creating a new location, but just selecting one (just select a country, for example). When you submit, then a new location record is created with the same name as the selected one - this seems wrong. You can make it visible by uncommenting the show_status line. The reason for this behaviour is that S3.gis.uuid is empty in case there is no old_location, which triggers the creation of a new record. Thus, this does not happen in update, and not either when you create a new location (which creates a new location anyway :D).
     72==== Use in Component Forms ====
     73To be able to apply the location selector to components (e.g. person/presence, where it would be *very* useful), we need to go away from the 'request.controller+"_"+request_function' construction and instead use jr.
     75Perhaps this way:
     77 {{try:}}
     78   var location_id = '{{=jr.prefix+"_"[1]+ "_location_id"}}';
     79 {{except:}}
     80   var location_id = '{{=request.controller+"_"+request.function+ "_location_id"}}';
     81 {{pass}}
    6883== Hierarchy Tree ==
    6984Have a HTML component that allows the user to explore the locations as a Tree: