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After some recent discussions with members of the Google Crisis Response Team, we are looking at what is required to get Sahana Eden working on the Google App Engine (GAE). We are investigating what are the current issues with getting Sahana Eden running on GAE, and what efforts may be required to ensure that Eden can be successfully deployed.

Installation Test

It would be good to schedule an installation test of Sahana Eden on GAE to determine where the roadblocks are. The last known installation attempt was around October 2010.


Potential Issues

These are issues that have been discussed as possibly/likely, but have not yet been tested/confirmed.

  • GAE bigtables doesn't support db joins
  • Some complex Python libraries (particularly those that interface with C executables) may need to be installed by Google to work e.g. LibXML and Shapely

Confirmed Issues

These are issues that have actually been tested/confirmed.


These are actions required to further progress

  • Undertake an installation test of Sahana Eden on GAE - ideally with 1-2 Google personnel in channel at same time.
  • Request access to Google Appe Engine Business Preview to test Sahana Eden with hosted SQL and SSL.
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