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    22= !BluePrint for Human Intelligence Task processing (a.k.a. "Job Jar") =
    4 **//Caution to GSoC students considering this project//**
    5 [[BR]]
    6 //This is a difficult project, involving statistics, human performance evaluation, and coming up with a way to allow an administrator to define an arbitrary task. Recommended for advanced students with an interest in HCI. We will limit the scope of the project to what can be done during the summer -- this could easily be split into multiple projects. See the end of the page for some suggested subsets that could be GSoC projects.//
    84=== Motivation ===
     16We're suggesting this for GSoC, but it's too big for one summer -- one or more subsets can be split out into GSoC projects.
    2018=== Overview ===
    22 Manage tasks performed on the site, e.g. data entry, cleaning crowdsourced data.  This involves:
    23  * Provide administrator UI for defining tasks.
     20We would like to manage human-intelligence tasks, e.g. data entry, cleaning crowdsourced data.  This involves:
     21 * Figure out how to specify a task, and provide a UI for defining tasks.
    2422 * Allow reading data for tasks from specified sources.
    2523 * Provide tasks to users in a web form.
    3331=== Project breakdown ===
     33These are some suggested ways to split the project into somewhat independent pieces. 
    3535==== Task definition ====
    37 Provide a web form or wizard that allows the administrator to:
    38  * Specify the task input data source.
     37Each overall job that needs to be done to accomplish one purpose will have its own specific set of input data, its own instructions to workers, its own way for workers to enter results, and its own needs for how much verification is needed.  Rather than hard-wire a few sorts of task types, we'd like to let the people who need the work done specify these things.  To permit this, we might need to...
     39Figure out what information is needed to specify a task.  This might include:
     41 * Specify the task input data source(s).
    3942  * Note: The actual connection to the data source, and the process of reading from it, should be isolated.
    4043    This is not specific to this project -- reading from a remote feed can be used for many purposes.
    4144    Here, we could assume that the data is being placed in one or more database tables, or in files on
    4245    the server.
    43   * Most commonly each task will operate on one item of data -- assume this to start.
     46  * Most commonly each task will operate on one item of data -- can assume this to start.
    4447 * Provide instructions for workers.
    4548 * Specify what worker skills are needed.
    46  * Specify the format of the results, e.g.:
     49 * Specify the web form tools that the worker will need to enter results, e.g.:
    4750  * Text input.
    4851  * Radio buttons or exclusive select from a list.
    5255 * Advanced setup:
    5356  * Allow specifying form layout.
    54   * Multiple data sources.
     57  * Provide convenient access to helpful tools from within the form.
     59Decide how this info should be stored.
     61Then, provide a web form or wizard that allows the administrator to enter that information.
    5663==== Task assembly and presentation ====