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    2727Plone uses Tesseract:
     29=== Notes from Main-dev List ===
     31Why not just use data which is currently entered in the database for the keywords? (eg, location tables, organization tables, etc)[[BR]]
     33Regarding checkboxes – if could be possible to design a survey which only requires checkboxes, maybe fields for dates. Scales of 1-10 could be converted into checkboxes.[[BR]]
     35I like your idea for reviewing the text – I think even if the OCR isn’t too accurate, having the text from the paper displayed on screen next to the data entry box would make it easier to input the data. In some cases, it may not be important to convert the image of the writing into text, as long as the image is saved in the DB (eg, additional notes in a survey)[[BR]]
     37Also – can you “tell” the OCR whether it should be looking for letters or numbers? It should be quite easy to determine which fields should have letters in them and which should have numbers.[[BR]]
     39Regarding Barcodes:[[BR]]
     40They’re easy to make, simply get a font from: and display an appropriate number in that font.[[BR]]
     41I’m not convinced that each field needs a barcode, but definitely each page. Also you may want to give each form a UID (in the barcode and human readable, particularly if the forms are printed over multiple pages – that way if the pages get mixed up, they can easily be sorted out.[[BR]]