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Talking Papers

Blueprint for Optical Character Recognition

Be able to scan in a paper-based form to populate the database

The C++ code written for SahanaPHP (during GSoC 2007) can almost-certainly be tweaked to work with SahanaPy:

This version uses OpenCV & FANN

A Firefox add-on to enable a nice workflow for users is being developed for SahanaPHP as part of GSoC 2009:

This will access the Scanner (e.g. using TWAIN or SANE) and read the Image. The acquired image will be passed to the OCR library & the result will be posted into the web form.
Again, this should be easy to tweak to get working with Py.

Possibility of using pytesser ( ) with cross platform tesseract-ocr ( )

Plone uses Tesseract:


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