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    3232 * Examine the represents for different sites to ensure that the provide adequate information in different context.
    3333  * This my include appending the site type and/or location name.
     34''For the Oxfam office in Benghazi (fictional), do we ask people to enter, 'Oxfam', 'Oxfam Office', 'Oxfam Benghazi' or 'Oxfam Office in Benghazi'?
     35Theoretically they shouldn't need to put anything for the name of the Site - we know it's an Office, we know the Org is Oxfam & we know the location is we could build it *all* out of the Represent. However this could be constraining - people may want to put their own name there. Also if we automate then we'll likely get duplication as people will put elements into the name directly which we'll try to add automatically via the represent.''
    3436  * within a List view of Offices, we certainly don't want the 'Office' being included within the Represent for the name.
    3537  * for a Map hover, it shouldn't be necessary as we have the icon to go on (although this may not be understood, even with the Legend).