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Blue Print - Resource Select / Add


In Sahana many resources refer to other resources, eg:

  • An Office refers to an Organisation
  • A Warehouse refers to a Location
  • An Assessment refers to a Staff Member (person)

We need to have a method to enter these referenced inputs which includes:

  • Auto-completing typed text
  • Searching a detailed list of resources
  • Allows adding new resources, while also also minimising duplicates

This should all take place in a user friendly workflow.


This design has been based around the location resource, as it is one of the most complex. A number of these features are unique to the location resource, and these have been noted.


  • Display a "Select" Button (the button isn't clear in the image) next to the field to open the Select Pop-Up.
  • The field should have an autocomplete which searches the "represent" of the location.
    • For locations the represent should include some information about the parent of that location, eg. Manserha, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Town, District, Province). This could be a deployment setting.
    • The organisation represent should include the Acronym of the Orgaisation.

If the text entered doesn't match an existing location, then the "Select" button should change to "Select or Add":

Select Pop-Up

The Select Pop-Up gives the user a better interface to search for the correct location, and has a button to go to the Add Pop-Up

FB: Recommend that Add button unhides the Add Tab & Hides the others (no server-side call)


There should be a column of "select" buttons which will close this pop-up and populate the main form with the location selected.


This feature is not just for Locations, but for any resource referring to a location, eg. Warehouses, Offices, Assessments...
FB: This would have to open out at default map portal view since we have no hints on anything closer, so is likely to be pretty zoomed-out.

  • Show all current locations (with pop-ups that indicate what resources are associated with that location). If this is a map for another resource (warehouse, office, assessment...), it would be good to have an option for showing:
    • Just the locations of that resource
    • All locations (with pop-ups that indicate what resources are associated with that location)

If the "select" button is pressed this pop-up will close and populate the main form with the location selected.

Add Pop-Up

This would be a type of wizard that guided the user through the process.

FB: Recommend that the Wizard pages are Tabs that are Hidden/Unhidden (no server-side calls)

1. Type (Level)

This feature might be unique to locations, although it might be useful to display customised details forms based on a type/category for other resources (Organisations, People..)

2. Details

This form could create multiple records for the different levels (you might add a district and a village at the same time)
It is designed this way, because this is the way people are used to entering address. The fields can autocomplete when text is entered and autofill & disable the fields for levels below them if that location has a parent

FB: Adding the District & Village at the same time adds a *lot* of complexity (e.g. duplicate detection for these) & means that we don' get the opportunity to ente the extra fields on these.
This is also completely in opposition to the Taiwan requirements.

3.Map Coordinates

This form would be specific to locations (FB: Why? If this is a resource with associated location then it should have this form too, no?).

  • ? represents possible coordinates as calculated from Geocoder
  • Display other locations too (just points or polygons too?)
  • Have an option to select current location using HTML5 GeoLocator
  • Have an option to skip this step

4. Confirm / Check for Duplicates

  1. This would be some sort of algorithm to search for similarity between the new record and existing records (using text fields &/or lat/lon). This step could be skipped if none are found.
  2. Similar records would be listed and the user could select one of those instead
  3. Or add a new one.
  4. Close the pop-up and go back to the main form.



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