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    11== Shelter Register ==
     4''' Usability for Pakistan version'''
     71.Sub menu
     8   1.1 add “admin”(or other appropriate term ) and list “service” and “type” under it.
     132.      Add shelter
     142.1     Add usage info about the multiple selection under the column. Like: Press “Ctrl” to select multiple services
     152.2     Add one column for the email of contact since it should be very important. List on this page will help user to see without link to person page.
     162.3     Address should allocate close to location/village. Logically, address will be enter after the hierarchical data.
     172.4     Is location necessary locally which seems unnessary beside hierarchical data and address. (if coordinate is better, replace it)
     182.5     “Area” has same doubt as location.
     213.      List shelter.
     223.1     Concise the list table and make the comment column wider to have good browser view. Suggest to leave columns as below:
     233.1.1   Name
     243.1.2   Type
     253.1.3   Contact person
     263.1.4   Capacity
     273.1.5   Location or some data which shows the location clearly for local people. If two level is better to understand, display like “Province/ District”
     283.1.6   Comment
     293.2     Regarding capacity, is it important to show how many people are in the shelter? If so, modify as below:
     303.2.1   add “ current intake”
     313.2.2   Add date function for this, item name: Update. Auto update to the date of latest update.
     323.3     Is reference document necessary when a shelter make a request? If not, move it out.