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    3434Another one is an emergency coordinator may want to search for a person's name or product name written in the localized script. For example, the medical proper noun "Aspirin" would we pounced the same way in Arabic but may be written as "أسبرين". Hence, the user should be able to switch to Arabic transliteration to try that option in a search for medical supplies.
    35 === List of transliteration services ===
     35=== List of Other transliteration services ===
     36There are a few alternative transliteration services. They have no adoptable GUI, a few have APIs, which, again, require a permanent Internet connection.
    3637 * [[ | Yamli (Arabic)]]
    3738 * [[ | University of Colombo (Sinhala, Tamil (phonetic))]]
    4142 * [[ | Lingua systems (Cyrillic languages) - OpenSource + downloadable]]
    4243 * [[ | XLIT web (Indian langauges, Hindi and Marathi available at their webpage, more can be requested)]]
     44 * [Mygengo Translation API]
     45 * [Microsoft Translator APIs]
     46 * [Speaklite Translate API]
     47 * [WebServiceX Translate API]
    4448=== Thoughts about server-side implementation ===
    4549Another idea that came up is, that it would be nice if a user could search for something by using his or her language specific letters. For example, a user wants to search for "Aspirin" in Arabic letters. Currently, he won't find anything, as the UTF-8 encodings of roman letters are different from the Arabic letters ("Aspirin" == "أسبرين" would fail). The idea is to reverse transliterate the non-roman string into roman letters on server-side and perform the search with the reverse-transliterated string.