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    55== Possible use-case ==
    6 The CAP broker, which is currently work-in-progress, supports messages in different languages. Helpers might want to share messages in country-specific letters.
     6The CAP broker, which is currently  [[ | work-in-progress]], supports messages in different languages. A CAP Profile for Sri Lanka would require that a message carries the <> segment carry information in Sinhala, Tamil, and English. Message creators will need to type the <> for all three languages with the country-specific language characters.
     7Another one is an emergency coordinator may want to search for a person's name or product name written in the localized script. For example, the medical proper noun "Aspirin" would we pounced the same way in Arabic but may be written as "أسبرين". Hence, the user should be able to switch to Arabic transliteration to try that option in a search for medical supplies.
    88== Technical side ==
    99The best API is offered by Google [[ | AJAX Transliteration]]. Unfortunately, a permanent Internet connection is required. In addition to that, Google deprecated it in summer 2011, which means that they do not support it anymore and are going to shut it down during the next 3 years. Because of that, it is not a good longterm solution.