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    104104Some (atomic) features in personal data sets are not applicable to all instances of the set (e.g. "Occupation" not applicable for infants), thus undefined values can be ambiguous here. For disambiguation, VITA implementations handle undefined values always as "not available", whereas "not applicable" must be defined explicitly and must not be the default value.
     106=== Files ===
     108All data sets describing one and the same instance of a person entity form a '''file'''. Within a file, data must be consistent, especially there must be only one entity for each (atomic) feature.
     110==== Status ====
     112VITA implementations must be able to handle status information of a personal data file as a whole.
     114==== Roles ====
     116Any person entity can be assigned to roles, which qualify the entity for inclusion into certain processes. One and the same instance of the entity can be assigned to multiple roles at the same time.
     118Within a role, the entity instance can be assigned to a status, where the status values must be discrete, unambiguous and consistent. There can only be one status per instance and role at a time. VITA implementations should keep a tally of all status transitions of an entity instance in such way that it is possible to reconstruct the role and status of the entity instance for any point or interval of time.
     120==== Presence ====
    106121=== Presence Log ===