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Blueprint for Realtime Victim Tracking and Tracing

See also: GIS Real Time Tracking

Tracking System

This is proposed to be done using the SOS Layer.

Objects in this description can be persons or person groups, but also other items (e.g. dead bodies, vehicles).


  • Store different positions and position-related additional data (e.g. speed, course, ...) of objects/object groups related to time (points/intervals)
  • Allow definition/aggregation of object groups/subgroups and categories/subcategories
  • Distinguish between first, past, current and forecasted positions


  • Display tracks of positions of objects or object groups over a (user-defined) time interval
  • Plot traces between positions
  • Use certain indicators for additional data (such as speed or course) to mark (selected) positions
  • Link additional information from the markers, e.g. free text, wiki-text, URLs


  • CRUD functions for objects and groups/categories (RESTlike?)
  • Take up real-time position data of objects from external sources and update the database
  • Allow data transmission on multiple/parallel ways, e.g. HTTP, SMS, E-Mail, ...more?
  • Transmission should be as easy, available, reliable and energy-efficient as possible
  • Use derived/inherited data to minimize data transfer
  • Forecast object positions (and other object features)
  • Allow splitting of objects/groups into subdivisions
  • make location and status information of victims available through person-related modules (DVR, DVI)

Other clients (e.g. on mobile devices)

  • Capture real-time position data (and other information) of objects and send them to the server
  • Allow data transfer on multiple ways (even in parallel)
  • Read data of e.g. disaster victims (displaced/injured/deceased persons) from tags (e.g. barcode, QR Code, RFID)


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