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Blueprint for Realtime Victim Tracking and Tracing

Tracking System

This is proposed to be done using the SOS Layer.


  • Store different positions and position-related additional data (e.g. speed, course, ...) of objects/object groups related to time (points/intervals)
  • Allow definition of object groups/subgroups and categories/subcategories
  • Distinguish between first, past, current and forecasted positions


  • Display tracks of positions of objects or object groups over a (user-defined) time interval
  • Plot traces between positions
  • Use certain indicators for additional data (such as speed or course) to mark (selected) positions
  • Link additional information from the markers, e.g. free text, wiki-text, URLs


  • CRUD functions for objects and groups/categories (RESTlike?)
  • Take up real-time position data of objects from external sources and update the database
  • Allow data transmission on multiple/parallel ways, e.g. HTTP, SMS, E-Mail, ...more?
  • Transmission should be as easy, available, reliable and energy-efficient as possible
  • Use derived/inherited data to minimize data transfer
  • Forecast object positions (and other object features)
  • Allow splitting of objects/groups into subdivisions
  • make location and status information of victims available through person-related modules (DVR, DVI)

Other clients (e.g. on mobile devices)

  • Read data from tags (barcode, RFID) of disaster victims (displaced/injured/deceased persons)
  • Capture real-time position data (and other information) of objects and send them to the server
  • Allow data transfer on multiple ways (even in parallel)


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