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     11=== !ToDo ===
     12==== Packaging ====
    1113We need to think about how we package this since it's designed as a parallel app to eden, so would normally sit at the same level as the
    1214current repo's root folder. Don't really want to move the root up one as then we'll find it harder to maintain parallel app versions.
    1416Thinking about storing it within /eden but then having it copy this stuff out to the root applications folder on run, if it's not there
    1517already....thinking about how it updates that version & how we'd manage with eden, eden2, eden_test as alternate app versions...
     19==== Maintainability ====
     20I think we should look to redesign this somewhat:
     21 1. Pull all setting options from & current settings from
     22Remember that the idea is that web setup can be run after the initial install to make subsequent settings changes (ideally just single
     23pages, but skipping unchanged pages via Next is fine for now).
     24The validation for fields needs to be pushed back into s3cfg so that these get maintained together & can be read by setup when it imports
     25from there (other than what you're doing in the view for password & HMAC key - these can stay as-is).
     27 2. Don't do a full write-out of the 000_config file.
     28Instead just touch what we know - i.e. parse the existing file & just change lines that we know.
     29If a line doesn't exist (either commented or active) then can add it from the information in s3cfg.
     30If a line does exist (either commented or active) then can uncomment & set to what has been requested.
     31All other lines should be ignored.
     32This would seem a more robust, less intrusive system.
     33I can foresee that deployers will add their own customisations into 000_config & won't push this into s3cfg or setup & will get upset if their customisations disappear...
     35==== i18n ====
     36 * all user-visible strings should be wrapped in T()
    1637== Requirements ==
    1738Provide a 1st-time configuration screen.