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XSLT File Editer


As XSL transformations are used in many parts of Eden and is becoming more important. We need a tool to create XSL files, which is easy to use, as integrators are no developers. The tool should generate a XSL out of a XSD and a text specified by the user. There should be diffferent output types available (E-Mail, HTML, pure text...).

Product Scope


[*] Easy to use [*] Eden module [*] Possibility to use an XSD which contains the possible elements of the input XML


[*] Preview feature [*] Realtime UI updates / Use of the Error panel


Use Case

Use Case Diagram

Description & Functions

[*] Step 1) User had to upload an XSD -> XML Elements should be shown in the "Available XML Elements" panel [*] Step 1b) The user can upload an XML if he/she wants to use the preview Feature (Step 3) [*] Step 2) User enters the text. The XML elements are on the right side, a click on one of them adds it to the text. [*] Step 2b) 2 tabs: 1) Normal text 2) Includes XSL tags [*] Step 2c) "XSL Output types" dropdown contains different modes for the output [*] Step 2d) Errors are shown in the "Errors" panel [*] Step 3) User can download the XSL or refresh the "Preview" field based on the XML uploaded at Step 1b)

Mock GUI

Smaller version of the xsl.png file

Recommended Approach

  • There are some possibilities to do XSL transformations using Javascript. It's quite good implementation for XSL transformations, unfortunately this is Firefox only, so maybe no option for us.
  • A better (but untested solution) would be this jQuery plugin.
  • Apparently the best solution is developed by Google. It is platform independent and bugs are closed relatively fast after they are discovered

All Javascript only.

Similar Tools

W3Schools XSLT Editor has similar functions but a quite limited GUI.

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