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     1== Bug Reporting Guidelines ==
     2You can report both bugs and feature requests.
     4=== User acceptance testing ===
     5Currently we are mainly taking bugs on:
     6 * '''Colombia''' (Production):
     7 * '''Demo''' (Development):
     8When there is a production instance running, progression of code is normally from Dev -> UAT -> Prod
     10=== How to report a bug or request a feature ===
     11 * We use Trac to manage bugs and feature requests.
     12   * Report a [/newticket new bug].
     13   * Search for [/search existing bugs].
     14   * See a [/report list of active bugs].
     15   * [ LaunchPad] also has some tickets logged.
     16 * You don't have to be logged in on Trac to report bugs, but...
     17   * If you are not logged in, be sure to solve the little arithmetic problem that serves as a Captcha to keep out bots.  If you see a page with "System offline" when you connect to Trac, it means Trac thinks you're a bot and has banned your IP address.  Contact us on the mailing list or on IRC channel #sahana-eden on ([wiki:Chat]) if this happens.
     18   * You can [/register register for an account].
     19 * Please check to see if the bug you've found has already been reported.
     20 * Please provide full details to reproduce the problem, like the example below.
     21 * Be clear on which system your test is run against - e.g.
     22 * You may also wish to check the [ Commit Logs] to see if the bug is being fixed. (Note to bug fixers -- please accept the bug and say you're working on it.)
     23 * '''Screenshots''' are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain, however, if you get a ticket, then simply the ticket ID would be better than a screenshot, as can simply copy/paste to find the relevant ticket)
     24 * If the bug is relatively simple to resolve, please add the keywork  "easy", so it will appear on the [ Easy Bugs for Beginners] Report.
     26=== Bug Priorities ===
     27 * Critical - big functionality, stability and data integrity defects in a Production instance
     28 * Major - functionality and data integrity defects in UAT only
     29 * Minor - Data validation defects, Domain defects, Usability defects
     30 * Trivial - UI, Style, Labelling
     32=== Bug Types ===
     33 * Defect - bug: software gets an error or doesn't do what it's supposed to.
     34 * Enhancement - feature request.
     35 * Documentation - mistake or omission in the wiki or online help.  Note you can request a Trac account and help fix documentation on the wiki.
     37=== Example ===
     39System Tested:
     44You can obtain this from the Help->About menu (
     47Firefox 3.5
     48Windows XP
     51User should be logged in to the system.
     541) Click ‘Mapping’.
     552) Click ‘Map Service Catalogue’.
     563) Click ‘Features’.
     574) Click on an ID in the Location list. (The 'Edit location' page will appear.)
     585) Remove the value in the 'Latitude' field. (This step is optional)
     596) Click on 'Conversion Tool' link.
     61Expected Result:
     63    The Converter should appear.
     65Actual Result:
     67    Clicking the link results nothing. Converter doesn't appear.