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    88 * '''Demo''' (Trunk Development):
    99When there is a production instance running, progression of code is normally from Dev -> UAT -> Prod
    1211=== How to report a bug or request a feature ===
    2524 * '''Screenshots''' are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain, however, if you get a ticket, then simply the ticket ID would be better than a screenshot, as can simply copy/paste to find the relevant ticket)
    2625 * If the bug is relatively simple to resolve, please add the keywork  "easy", so it will appear on the [ Easy Bugs for Beginners] Report.
     27=== What is a Bug? ===
     28It is important to properly identify bugs as these need to be fixed in priority to implementing enhancements. Sometimes it may not be clear if issues you encounter are in fact bugs. The following ARE bugs:
     29* If there is an error message reported:
     30 * Web2Py "Internal Error" Pages
     31 * Internal Server Error (50x errors)
     32 * Broken links (404 errors)
     33 * JS errors
     34* If you are not actually able to perform an action due to an error in the system. There may be uncertainty around this as it may not be 100% clear if Sahana Eden is meant to support this action.
     35These are NOT bugs, but should be reported as enhancements:
     36* Incorrect form validation
     37* Usability Enhancements
     39Any issues which are not bugs may be reported as enhancements.
    2841=== Bug Priorities ===