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    1212== How to report a bug or request a feature ==
     14For GCI students:
     16We will be using [ Sunflower], Sahana's Community Management portal for reporting bugs.
     17 * Before reporting or updating bugs, first [ Register for an account] and log in. (No approval is needed.)
     18 * See the list of projects [,Project Sunflower Projects]
     19 * Add the task under the relevant project and add the tag "bug" along with other tags.
     21Bug reporting guidelines:
     22 * Please check to see if the bug you've found has already been reported.
     23 * Please provide full details to reproduce the problem, like the example below.
     24 * Be clear on which system your test is run against - e.g.
     25 * You may also wish to check the [ Commit Logs] to see if the bug is being fixed. (Note to bug fixers -- please accept the bug on sunflower and say you're working on it.)
     26 * '''Screenshots''' are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain, however, if you get a ticket, then simply the ticket ID would be better than a screenshot, as can simply copy/paste to find the relevant ticket)
     27 * If the bug is relatively simple to resolve, please add the tag "easy", so it will appear on sunflower.
    1331We use Trac to manage bugs and feature requests.
    1432 * Before reporting or updating bugs, first [/register register for an account] and log in. (No approval is needed.)