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    2020* Please check to see if the bug you've found has already been reported.
    2121* Please provide full details to reproduce the problem, like the example below.
    22 * Be clear on which system your test is run against - e.g.  [].
     22* Be clear on which template your test is run against.
    2323* You may also wish to check the [ Commit Logs] to see if the bug is being fixed. (Note to bug fixers -- please accept the bug and say you're working on it.)
    24 * '''Screenshots''' are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain, however, if you get a ticket, then simply the ticket ID would be better than a screenshot, as can simply copy/paste to find the relevant ticket)
     24* '''Screenshots''' are good for showing the main problem screen if hard to explain
     25* If you get a ticket, click the ticket link and copy/paste the traceback into your issue report. '''Do not just report the ticket ID''' - the ticket may no longer exist at the time when the issue is being worked on, or be not accessible for the developers.
    2526* If you are a contributor, be sure to use the correct labels when reporting your bug.
    2627=== For GCI students ===