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     1= Colombia =
     3We have set up an instance to support the response to the new flooding in Barrranquilla, Colombia which burst the dykes:
     4 *
     5Many people are displaced into shelters. The volunteers organization need to know where they are, how many are, what are their main needs.
     7The instance is available at:
     8 *
     10The content is being managed by the Colombian team.
     12Initially the SysAdmin support will be done by the Sahana Eden team, but we are gradually handing over to the team in Colombia.
     14The Colombia team are working with the local government & civil organisations.
     17 * They are focussing on Organisation Registry, Shelter Registry, Volunteer Management & Logistics.
     18 * The response needs to be run in a transparent manner, so the data should be publically available...although registrations to be able to edit data are approved by the Colombia team.
     20Anybody who wishes to volunteer to help out with working on any of the Issues that they face (critical bugs, tweaks based on new requirements), Server Administration or Spanish Translation (of both Application & Wiki docs) are very much welcomed to join the effort.
     22Spanish speakers are especially welcome, of course - the local people struggle with the English left on the user interface & the documentation that we have available.
     24PS We have imported the admin hierarchy from a manual scrape of Wikipedia. See here for a nice project for someone to make this easier for future events:
     25 * ProjectInformation#WikipediaLocations
     27PPS The OSM team have been actively mapping the area due to the earlier floods in July, so that part should be pretty well-covered.