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    9090Security policy is initially defined in {{{models/}}} but then subsequently managed via the database.
    9191== Configurable Options ==
     93=== Basic Options ===
    9295These can be set via []
    9396 * Admin Name/Email/Tel
    108111We would like to expose these to a [wiki:BluePrintWebSetup Web Setup], although it's low priority as these are mostly installation-time decisions.
     113=== Modules and Menu ===
    110115Disable unnecessary modules, which is currently either done in {{{models/}}} or in the template's {{{}}} file. Active modules are stored in settings.modules, which is an instance of !OrderedDict. The key of each item in this !OrderedDict is the name of the module (a string), and each value is an instance of Storage. To disable a module, either comment out the relevant lines of {{{}}} in the template, where the list is populated, or else use the pop method in {{{models/}}} to remove the relevant item from settings.modules.
    113118  * edit file {{{models/}}}
    114119  * section: {{{s3.menu_modules}}}
     121=== Table Fields ===
    116123If you wish to hide some fields which you don't want to confuse your system, then you can do something like this {{{models/}}} instead of amending the main model (this means that future merges from trunk won't clobber your changes):
     154=== Registration Message Options ===
     156The welcome message and other messages relating to registration and logging in are in {{{settings.auth.messages}}}
     157which can be set in a {{{customise_auth_user_resource()}}} function in your template's file.  To see the
     158messages that can be changed, look for the {{{messages.*}}} lines in the {{{AuthS3.__init__}}} in {{{modules/s3/}}}.
     159These also show examples of using format elements like {{{%(system_name)s}}} to insert the system name, url, user name,
     160and link to the user's profile.  Use the same format elements in your messages to have those inserted.
     162These messages will be inserted in the translation files automatically, and do not need {{{T( )}}} around them.
     163For a site with multiple languages, it is suggested to include the original message in English to server as the
     164key in the translation files, and to include the format elements (for system name, etc.) in the message, so that
     165the translator can rearrange them as needed.
    147166== Mapping Options ==