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Configuration Guidelines

favicon.ico & robots.txt

These can be provided via 2 different means:

  • mod_rewrite
  • web2py/ copy & edit

Configurable Options

These can be set via appadmin

  • Admin Name/Email/Tel
  • Debug: improve performance by deselecting this option.
  • Self-Registration: disable Self-Registration by deselecting this option.
  • Audit Read: Enable Auditing of all Read operations (Display)
  • Audit Write: Enable Auditing of all Write operations (Create/Update/Delete)

In time these will be configured by Web Setup.

Email Verification for Self-Registration can be enabled in controllers/
This requires the ability to send emails (server details currently set in modules/


By default the 1st user to register will gain the Administrator role.

All other users have just the 'Authenticated' level of access.

To add roles to users, go to appadmin & add this Mapping:

(A custom GUI should, in time, be built for this)

Internet Hosting

Can switch to having users download jquery-1.3.2.min.js from Google instead of your server by uncomming the line in views/sahana_scripts_min.html

Can switch to having users download ext-all.js & ext-all.css from Cachefly CDN instead of your server by uncomming the lines in views/gis/ol_js_loaders.html & views/gis/gis_scripts_min.html


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