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Basic Coding Projects

Projects for beginning coders, or if new to Python or web services

Easy Tickets


Feature Enhancements

  • Fix UI issues, add features, provide user-requested enhancements.
  • The landing page for each module is different -- some have descriptive text, others have statistics (a "dashboard"). Each has a different layout of menus.
    • Are any of these landing pages useful? What would be better for a typical workflow?
    • Make appropriate changes.
    • Is there a common sort of menu that would be useful?

Building Assessments

We had a basic Building Assessments tool added to Sahana recently (which is based on the ATC forms), although it was done in a Web2Py style & so didn't get completed & isn't yet merged to Trunk.

The Data model is all there, so just needs the S3 REST Controller plugging-in & then using components to get sections onto Tabs (as per Rapid Assessment Tool).

This would be a real nice easy project to learn the beauty of the S3 Framework & would really add value :)

Current code is here:

Original Blueprint:

CAP: Common Alerting Protocol

Common Operational Datasets

Translations Admin Panel

  • Add a page to controllers/ to handle Translations.
  • Update the InstallationGuidelines with the new optional requirements.
  • Gracefully give nice error messages if the translate toolkit isn't installed.
  • Update UserGuidelinesLocalisation

Export PO file

  • Dropdown to select which language
  • Button to call web2py2po to convert the .py file to a standard PO file for the user to download

Import PO file

  • Upload Widget which calls po2web2py onaccept to convert a .po file to a Web2Py .py file stored in the languages folder
    • Use the same filename prefix or prompt?
    • Do a merge

Update Pootle

Provide a set of admin scripts (bzr post-commit hook?) to update Pootle with any changed strings as a Merge.


These are a various GIS/Mapping Tasks:

  • Add a delay to the onHover tooltip (highlightControl)
  • Continue Integration of Potlatch
    • for editing the main OSM database
    • for editing a local OSM database
  • Make the display_feature() & display_features() popup a Window instead of opening in a DIV
  • Replace the Measure Length/Area tools with GeoExt.ux
  • Option to go Full screen & back
    • Full screen view (No Ext window) will be required for use on a small-screen, such as a Mobile device
  • Layer Tree
    • Separate Overlays folder into Internal/External
    • Sub-folders of Overlays e.g. for:
      • Projects by Theme
      • Projects by Donor
  • Get a pr/person/presence record upon login if HTML5 GeoLocation available & not changed since last time
    • login_next
  • Map Preview when Lat/Lon set in pr/person/presence (auto or not)

OSM Importer UI

A nice further refinement would be to provide a UI to select a BBOX & optional filter to pull down the .osm file via XAPI

  • Initially this could be manual text box entry of BBOX/filter
  • Then add a Map-based BBOX selection & dropdowns for the filter (which prepopulate the real dropdowns for manual verification/amendment)

Suggestion Box

Here are some potential features for a "suggestion box", roughly in order of priority:

  • Text data entry form -- just use standard Eden database fields like "timestamp", "authorstamp", and "comments", maybe with a subject field.
  • Allow defining topics or keywords. Let user choose a topic for their suggestion. Add all module names as an initial list of topics.
  • Simple search in the body of posts -- match words.
  • Regexp search.
  • Allow commenting on (replying to) suggestions -- show comment thread with original post.
  • Some form of importance rating (e.g. voting up or down).
  • Original suggestion from:


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