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    187187* Access the [[ | Sahana Eden CAP Broker]]
    188188* Follow the [[ | guide]] to understand the objectives of the CAP Broker and how it should be operated
     189* Choose a type of disaster or emergency. '''''GCI students:''''' Look at the table at the end of this task to see which have already been chosen -- select something not already there. As soon as you choose, edit this wiki page section and add your choice on a new line, with your name or nickname.
    189190* Create a hypothetical scenario or search for a previous event on the web to establish a natural or human-instigated hazard event such as a recent earthquake, cyclone, landslide, epidemic, etc; gather up all the details; i.e. exact locations, times, dates, responsible organizations for detecting the event, then issuing the alert, so on and so forth
    190191* Create an abstract template for the hazard event of your choice. The template should not use actual LOCATION names or DATES, instead in the description and headline you should use place holders such as LOCATION and YYYY-MM-DD.
    191192* Create a CAP message for the hypothetical or passed event using the template; the message should carry information related to all mandatory elements, be descriptive for any human to understand, reference any additional information, clearly specify dates, times, etc. Place holders such as LOCATION and YYYY-MM-DD should be replaced with actual locations and dates.
    193 '''After the examples are approved, upload the CAP template and CAP message files exported as XML, CSV or JSON place the links in this table below'''[[BR]]
     194'''''GCI students: When you choose a scenario, add it here on a new line, along with your name or nickname.'''''[[BR]]
     195'''After the examples are approved, upload the CAP template and CAP message files exported as XML, CSV or JSON and place the links in the table below.'''[[BR]]
    195197|| Example No. || Disaster Scenario || template file || message file ||