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Deployment - Assam Riots



  • Doctors For You


"We are implementing MISP (MINIMAL INITIAL SERVICE PACKAGE) for reproductive health needs of pregnant women & adolescent girls. Under this programme we are giving one box of medicine, delivery kit, Oral contraceptive, condoms, sanitary napkins for women etc to ANM / Health workers/ Nurses staying in the relief camps so that these services available to victims round the clock. We will run this project for 3 months. The challenge is to trace the box, keep refilling the box contents and monitor the use."

  1. list of shelters, with locations. Not on a map as yet.
  2. shelterwise data people sheltered broadly available
  3. being a conflict zone the details of people will have to be restricted for access
  4. most of the data are available as scanned images and will need to be entered manually in Mumbai(2000 km away)
  5. we have a focus on MISP ( minimum initial service package , i.e a kit for medical help) to be distributed across the 140 camps holding approx 200000 to 300000 people
  6. we need to track MISP packages, people working in the field
  7. support the medical team with people data
  8. we may need to support the governmet authorities in monitoring the releif camps


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    • Shelter Module
    • Inventory Module

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