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Chilean Wildfires 2012

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    The Sahana Software Foundation’s Eden software, as part of IBM’s Smarter Command Center, was used by the Chilean Red Cross (Cruz Roja) for the response to wildfires in Southern Chile. The fires, mainly affecting the communities of Florida and Quillón in the Nuble province of the Bio Bio region of Chile, left one person dead, burned down over 160 homes, displaced hundreds of families and destroyed over 45,000 hectares.

    Sahana Eden was used for the following purposes:

    • To generate maps of active volunteers in the sector.
    • To understand the humanitarian aid necessary for the emergency operation.
    • To coordinate the resources utilized to manage humanitarian supplies.

    Sahana software was first deployed in Chile following the massive earthquake that devastated much of the country in February, 2010. In the the immediate aftermath of that event, IBM Chile partnered with the Chilean Red Cross to develop the Smarter Command Center, based on Sahana Eden and Lotus Live, to help with recovery efforts.

    “Faced with disaster situations, like those lived by our country in the last days, the need for information becomes imperative. With this Smart Center, we can significantly reduce response times for the persons that search, and optimize volunteer work.”

    -- Lorenza Donoso, President of the Chilean Red Cross

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