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Deployments Guide


To successfully deploy Sahana Eden, the biggest challenges are not technical, but organisational, social and even personal. For Sahana Eden to be effectively used people with the organisation or organisations implementing must invest their time into learning and using the software. For them to do this Sahana Eden must align with the way they work and offer them some benefit to use. Although some of the functionality fo Sahana Eden may work out of the box, in many cases this may require customization to the software.

Questions to Ask

The following questions

  • What are the processes which want Sahana Eden to support?
  • How will Sahana Eden add value to these processes?
  • Who are going to be the users of Sahana Eden? Which Organisations? Which Staff?
  • When will the users use Sahana Eden?
  • What information do you need to manage in Sahana Eden?
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